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One News for only €1!

“One Advertising News, For Only €1!

We expose your brand to the world with these unique opportunities that revolutionize both the national and international maritime world!

We share your news on 19 Turkish and 30 English digital maritime news portals.

All these amazing amenities are available for only €49!

Additionally, Motoryat.com offers the opportunity to open a store free of charge for a year!

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Boats Group‘un Markaları:

Tekne Tv
Boat News (İng)
Boat Magazine (İng)
Boat Charter (İng)
Boat Guide (İng)
Boat Tv News (İng)

Yachts Group‘un Markaları:

Yat Tv
Yacht News (İng)
Yacht Magazine (İng)
Yacht Charter  (İng)
Yacht Guide (İng)
Yacht Tv News (İng)

Motor Yacht Group‘un Markaları:

Motor Yacht Tv (İng)
Motor Yacht Charter (İng)
Motor Yacht News (İng)
Motor Yacht Magazine (İng)
Motor Yacht Guide (İng)
Motor Yacht Tv News (İng)

Denizcilik Sektörü Türkçe Yayınlarımız
Motoryat Pazar yeri
Balikci Teknesi
Gezi Gemisi
Jet car
Boat Tv News
Yacht Tv News
Motor Yacht Tv News
Motor Yacht Magazine
Motoryat Dergisi
Parasut Teknesi
Ucak Gemisi
World Sea News

Denizcilik Sektörü İngilizce Yayınlarımız
World Sea News (İng)
Sea Guide    (İng)
Motorya Dergisi (İng)
Motor Boat (İng)
Motor Boats (İng)
Balikci Teknesi (İng)
Gulet Guide (İng)
Charter Guide (İng)
Gezi Gemisi (İng)
Ucak Gemisi (İng)
Speed Next  (İng)
Boats Guide (İng)
Yachts Guide (İng)

With this opportunity, you can gain promotion to a wider audience in the digital world.

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